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Under the Maldivian Sun

Yes, the sky and the sea are really those lovely colours!

It doesn’t seem like only last week we were still in the Maldives. I can still smell the sunblock and the massage oils from the spa. This was my fourth time there (and hubby’s fifth), and Mittens second. Abacus stayed home, otherwise it wouldn’t have been a holiday for me. We really like the Maldives because their marine life is simply amazing, and very often (as proved again on this trip), you will actually see more snorkelling or from the jetty/shore than actually diving. It never ceases to amaze me.

I realised on this trip how easy having one (and only one) older child is. The older they are, the easier they really do get, and some days I so wish I had twins or triplets, so that the tough part (which is like until they’re 18 months?) is over. Mittens really enjoyed taking the plane, although after watching only a few selected cartoons he was getting a little restless, and he really enjoyed playing in the sand. Some days he was the only kid in the resort, although on our last day/night there was possibly another 3 or 4 more, so he had quite a bit of attention. We’re also lucky that he isn’t a picky eater, so he was pretty happy at meal times.

The spa in the resort was also pretty accommodating, so we were able to take turns at the spa while he napped, although he almost always would cry for me when he woke up. Kudos to the Daddy for looking after him while I got some me time – on the last day when I came back from the spa they were already busy at the beach and Mittens hardly paid any attention to me because he was so engrossed in building sand castles!

We really love it so much we hope to be back again next year 😀 And this time, with Abacus!

More photos on Flickr here.

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