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Abacus turns 1!

Yes son, it IS your birthday!

After a few months of planning, we finally had the birthday party of the decade. Well, for us, anyway. At over 100 adults and 50 or more kids, we’re definitely not planning to do anything as large as this for some time now. Maybe if I’m feeling generous I’ll arrange a party for him at McDonald’s next, haha!

The Gallery at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore is a really lovely venue, and we weren’t disappointed with the food either. Although we love the restaurants in the hotel, we were really quite impressed with the quality of the buffet and a lot of the guests were

We really had a great time, we had a good mix of a lot of our friends, as well as some relatives from my side (because my cousin was having a wedding that day so all the Aunties and Uncles didn’t come), and the whole village from my hubby’s side. It was also good that we had quite a bit of space for all the kids around, and, as one of my friends put it, his only complaint was that there weren’t enough ride-on toys because there were so many kids so inevitably there was some amount of crying and fighting going on! lol. I did rent a bouncy castle, but about an hour plus into the party the blower blew, and they would only be able to get a new one to the venue at like 230pm (the party started at 11am), which was really quite disappointing. So, if you’re going to rent a bouncy ring/castle/whatever from Toy Rental Club, please make sure your blower is working fine. (They said they’d give me a refund for the bouncy castle but I suspect they might be getting a full refund! Either way I’m not upset about the thing).

As expected, Abacus had completely no clue what was going on, but thankfully I’ll have photos to show him. Actually, thank GOD my friend the Moo had his camera with him, because I took out my battery to charge mine the night before, and forgot to put the battery pack back in. MAJOR SUPER DUPER FAIL. But all is well, because in the end I had an even better camera to play with, and another friend of mine who is quite into photography was also happy to capture some shots.

The buffet spread
I went a little mad with personalised stationery.
Some quiet moments after the bulk of the crowd had left

More photos on Flickr here.


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