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Baby A – One year, no longer a baby!

This last month or two months have really seen Abacus grow by leaps and bounds. Ok so he’s not really leaping and bounding, but he took his first step a day before his 11th month birthday, and then the walking took a hiatus for a while, then closer to his first year he’s been walking a lot more. He also seems to be learning new things every day, from trying to screw bottle caps back on, to initiating peek-a-boo with me from a spot in his room behind his cot.

He seems to be picking things up pretty fast, learning how to work toys and having fun trying to figure out his shape sorters. Just today I brought both boys down to the playground, and realised that it was his fist time on the slide. He loved it! And kept wanting to crawl back up it himself. In fact he seemed so confident I think it won’t be long before he’ll not want me to hold him down while sliding.

He still has only 4 teeth, although he’s been drooling forever. I wish the teeth would hurry up and come out already, because I’m not sure if it’s that that’s preventing him from wanting his solids, or just that he’s becoming a picky eater. His dismal intake of solids is really worrying because no baby should be surviving on milk alone, although he is definitely of a sizeable weight, and is more active than a chihuahua on coffee. The worst thing is I think that’s what’s also making him wake up in the middle of the night for milk, and one year of not sleeping well is taking a toll on my sanity, my memory, and on my relationships with the rest of my boys because I’m so irritable all the time. Sigh! When I bring him for his one-year review and vaccinations I’m going to have to ask the paed about putting him on Pediasure or something to help with the appetite. I’m really hoping it’s just a phase because Mittens is an amazing amazing eater. Just the other day we went to a launch event and he was beside himself eating up all the finger food. Luckily it wasn’t crowded and the serving staff were very amused by him and kept bringing him food. This is the boy who told me that he WANTS to eat the skin of the fish (so please put it in his bowl).

Apart from not eating enough to last him through the night, he also hasn’t learnt to self-soothe. I’ve been contemplating crying it out since, oh, since Mittens was born! But he’s either been sick or I’ve needed to have my ILs look after him periodically, and they’re definitely rock-till-they-sleep kind of peeps. Sigh! He didn’t take well to the pacifier, and on hindsight, maybe I should have persisted more just so I have that little bit more sanity! So here I am, feeling like some days it’s really a battle at bedtime. Good thing that Mittens is starting to drop his afternoon nap on some days, and will very easily fall asleep at around 9, similar or close to Abacus, or rather he’ll go to bed at 8 or 830, and fuss till 9, and even then on some days Mittens will fall asleep faster!! I seriously cannot wait for Abacus to get to the stage that Mittens is at now.

We’ve decided to bring Abacus and not Mittens on our next short holiday, which is going to be a drive holiday. He’s not one for sitting for long hours, so I hope that he’ll enjoy it. That or I’ll have to drug him, which is actually my preference 😛 Hopefully it will be some good alone time with him.

Post update: I actually completely forgot about one of the most “important” developments this month – walking! He took his first steps slightly before he turned 11 months, and just this week has been walking around quite a bit. He can actually walk around 10 steps on his own (with pauses inbetween), and when he’s playing at the playground he just doesn’t seem like a baby anymore..

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