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Maybe May may be mayhem!

That alliteration sounds a little like it comes from one of Mittens’ phonics books. Heh.

This month feels like we’ve had so much going on. We’ve done a trip to the Maldives. We’ve had the birthday celebration of the year, and maybe decade, so a lot of the first half of the month went into getting things in place for that. Over a hundred adults, 50 kids later, 2 birthday cakes, a (deflated) bouncy castle and rides ons later, I have to say that I had tons of fun with the preparations but in my absent mindedness forgot to bring some of the goodie bag gifts that I had for the elder kids. I even forgot to give them out to the ones who left early! Party planner, FAIL! Oh not forgetting the part where I forgot my camera battery. FAIL! At least the food was good and everyone still had a good time. Despite the bouncy castle deflating. FAIL! Whatevs :p

We’ve also had all of three weddings to attend in 2 weeks, (the hubby actually has 4 in 2 weeks!), which is quite too much for such a short span of time, if you ask me. Fort Canning Legends – decent, nothing spectacular, but I guess as long as the wedding food is decent, that’s all I ask for. MBS – great service, but food was unimpressive. Decent, though. Conrad – The place seems smaller than we remember it. Service was pretty fast and good, and most of the food was quite good. I think I haven’t been to a wedding dinner recently where the food was out of this world. Oh maybe Four Seasons years ago at my close friend’s wedding where they served a roast pig to each table, and had all the different glasses for red wine, white wine, champers and water laid out and served Torbeck as their house wine.

We’re also in the midst of planning our Paris/Bordeaux trip in August (I love Paris in the springtimeeeeeeee, I love Paris in the fallllll), and while I’ve been to Paris quite a number of times already, I’m still super excited about this trip SANS the small ones.

It also feels like we’ve been eating out more this month – Pete’s Place (always yums!), Wan Hao‘s $28 ala carte dim sum buffet (disappointing), the Straits Kitchen (our perennial fav), and Il Lido (with a coupon, it was fabulous as usual!), and (a free) six course degustation menu dinner (with wine!) at Brasserie Les Saveurs at the St. Regis Hotel (I wasn’t all that impressed, I wouldn’t pay to have it!). Il Lido was pretty child friendly – they gave us a kind of booth seat so we didn’t use the baby chairs in the end, and were all prepared to come with warm water with short straws for the kids. Thumbs up! We actually only did BLS on our own, which is our first sit down meal out without the kids in a long long time.

We’ve also spontaneously planned another trip for early June, this time a drive holiday, and quite possibly only with Abacus and not Mittens. June is also the school holidays, so I’m not sure how much more we’ll be doing. I feel like I should make the most of the time to do everything we can’t during school days (because school’s from 1-3pm and quite smack in the middle of nowhere, but at the same time pretty ok because it’s Abacus’s nap time too). Bring on the holidays!!!


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