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Escape the City

Last weekend, we participated in a drive holiday to Lumut / Pangkor Laut. It was our first time participating in a drive holiday, and we were a bit apprehensive of the 12-hour drive, but we figured it wasn’t something that we’d do by ourselves.

Nice and cosy in his Maxi-cosi (hurhur), but seriously though, he wasn't smiling all that much...

The trip was absolutely awesome despite the long drive. This time we decided to only bring Abacus and not Mittens, because the previous trip we had already brought Mittens, and the hubbs decided we needed to spend some quality time with Abacus. I thought we were off to a bad start when the night before we were supposed to leave, Abacus woke up at midnight and wouldn’t go back to sleep until 2am, and we had to be up by 4am! So I had all of 2 hours’ sleep, but it kind of worked out in our favour becuase it meant that he slept more in the car during the day and only had to occupy himself for short periods of time not counting the stops. He also tried a lot more food on this trip, which I was really happy about. Although because we had to look after him we couldn’t always participate in the night events or go to the spa, everyone fawned over him even though he just stares at people a lot, and isn’t really one of the most smiley of babies. It was, however, great for both of us to have so much time with Abacus alone, and I think he now feels closer to Daddy because of the time together.

We stayed in birdhouses.

The Pangkor Laut Resort itself was very nice, looking very new and not musty like some resorts tend to get after a while, like some Banyan Tree resorts. The estate was pretty impressive, at over 300 acres, and the many hornbills living on the island just amazed me. They just seemed like the kind of birds you’d only see at the zoo, and not hanging around outside your room! The water looked decent enough, although I wasn’t keen on swimming. They also included all meals in, which made it much easier than worrying about (apparently) USD$7 Cokes because the Cokes didn’t taste like Cokes at all. Apparently Pavarotti stayed there a couple of times and they even have a suite named after him. It’s a nice tropical island plus jungle setting, but if you want just the beach and ocean then obviously the Maldives would be a better choice.

It was a really good break (for me at least), and I feel super recharged when we got back, even though it was a short weekend getaway. It was also nice to meet lots of different kinds of people, and participating in a convoy helps to create a kind of comradery amongst everyone, making it even more fun.

One of the few photos of A actually trying to smile.

If I had to do it again (and probably, we wouldn’t!), I’d have had more nights at the resort (we got in 6pm on Friday and left 10am on Sunday, so there wasn’t much time to enjoy it!), and done a night’s stay along the route on the way back, maybe in KL, Malacca, or somewhere else just to break up the trip. Oh, and I’d definitely bring more toys for Abacus, although I must say he did pretty well otherwise. We’re looking forward to bringing both boys along with us on the next road trip!



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