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Happy Father’s Day, Darth Vader.

We had a quiet father’s day dinner without the hubby, as he was at a wedding dinner. We did have a nice time chilling at home, and we cooked up a huge brunch. I’ve recently been thinking about fatherhood in our generation recently, but will hold that thought for another post. Meanwhile, here’s a really hilarious post, An Open Letter to TIME Magazine re: Darth Vader from the Death Star’s PR.

I only really found it funny because our dear Mittens, at age 3, has taken such an interest in Star Wars. He can’t watch the second half of Bee Movie when Jerry Seinfeld starts to talk to Renee Zwelleger (he always begs me to turn it off), but he can watch the an entire Star Wars movie without flinching. The other day he pretended to be on the radio, saying “Do you copy? Do you read me?”. The hubby asked me where he learnt it from, and I figured it was probably from when Luke was attempting to make that one shot at the Death Star. Funny what kids can take an interest in!


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