Let’s see…

Diagram of Myopia in the human eye
Image via Wikipedia

Further to my (much) earlier post on eyesight, the New York Times has just published an article on the links between outdoors time and myopia. This is very much a topic that I’m concerned with, because Chinese people have a genetic bias to be myopic, and since the hubby and I both used to have degrees that hovered between 300 to 600 (me being at the higher end), we think our kids might be genetically predisposed to myopia.


In the article, it says that they did a study between Chinese kids in both Sydney and Singapore, and the kids in Sydney had approximately 2 hours of outdoors time a day, while those in Singapore only got 3 hours a week. 3 hours a week! I’ve set myself a target of at least 1 hour a day, and even that is not an easy task. But for our kids, we have all to try yeah? 🙂


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