“Me” time.

I wonder if stay home dads have an easier time than stay home mums. Apart from the daily grind (or more like the little ones testing your patience), there are hormones to deal with too. Some days it can be an emotional rollercoaster, from laughing along with the kids, to trying to restrain yourself from trying to strangle them (kidding!).  And although, there are the daily ups and downs, some weeks just feel tiring and never-ending.

The other day, the husband came home and in response to spacing out and not responding to my many questions, he said he’d had a rough day and needed to retreat to his cave. If you’ve read Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus, (which I wonder if is actually outdated in today’s world) you’ll remember that he said that men always need some quiet time to retreat to their caves.

That’s not to say that women don’t need that either, especially mothers who are looking after active kids all day. Or kids who won’t sleep through the night. Some days it can feel like there’s hardly any more energy to go on.

I’m not sure if it’s hormone related, but since last week I’ve been super upbeat despite still having to wake up at night (if it’s not one boy, it’s the other!). Last week I managed to squeeze in a very short run, a massage, a lovely trip down memory lane with an old friend, and best of all, I found some time to catch up on episodes of Glee. A little bit of quirkiness, silliness and a whole lot of singing and dancing can sure perk up your day! Hooray!


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