14 months & beyond – the golden (baby) age

At the last medical check-up

Abacus is now 14 months, and this is the period I’d like to call The Golden Age. They’re learning so much now, and are so fascinating to watch because they are just fascinated with the world. It’s also amazing when they start to respond to questions you never knew they understood, like “Where’s Elmo?”, which was a completely random question that I asked him today. He’s surprising me every day with new things he’s learnt, like when I say “Wash hands” he’ll go straight to the kitchen sink, or he’ll take your hand in his when he wants to go somewhere. They also have this wonderful curious look about them, and I love how he’s become more and more purposely playful. Most of all, they will listen when you say “No”, unlike tots when they’re older!

He is quite attached to me, and will want to be carried or sat in my lap maybe half of the time he’s awake, also he complains or whines quite a bit sometimes, but I think out of boredom because he seems happier and can occupy himself better when there are more people around or when we’re at the ILs place where there are “new” toys to play with.

I’m glad that he’s walking so well now and it’s amazing that he and Mittens can actually share t-shirts. It’s pretty mind boggling. And he’s barely squeezing into his size 4/5 Crocs, but the size 6/7 ones are still a little too big at the moment.

Last week we had an x-ray and review with the surgeons, and I guess all is well because the surgeon saw us for all of 30 seconds or rather that seems like the amount of time he needed to listen to his heart and say, “Ok, see ya next year!”. He did mention that the first 6 months are usually indicative of any problems post TAPVC surgeries, but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on him for a while anyway. All is relatively good, then!


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