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“Summer” activities

I’ve been reading with great interest on all the various summer activities that the Americans are sharing around in order to keep their kids productively occupied over the long summer break. As Mittens only attends school for 2 hours a day, I’m naturally very interested in how else I could occupy his time (that doesn’t involve watching too much tv), especially since he doesn’t attend any enrichment classes. Or Sunday school, which is why I’m so interested in all the homeschooling resources out there.

This week I discovered that my tomato plant is infested with whiteflies, and that one of the remedies is to spray the plant liberally with soapy water (mixed from shaved bar soap), so I created the mixture and let Mittens have a ball of a time spraying the plant with a 2 for $2 spray bottle from Daiso. Abacus also seemed interested so I gave him the other bottle, and he promptly waddled over to the tomato plant and started pointing it at the plant too. (Of course he hasn’t mastered the motor skills to spray yet). Cuteness!

Daiso also sells pretty fab stuff to entertain kids, like:

  • Magnifying glasses: they have a wider range than Toys R Us, where it costs like $12.95!
  • Soft measuring tape, the kind that you use for sewing. Kids have tons of fun with that and you don’t have to worry about them cutting themselves.
  • Small boxes with handles, great for using in pretend play as lunch boxes or fishing gear boxes or tool boxes (all as suggested by Mittens). And when they’re not looking you can use it to hold some of their toys.
  • Animal sponges, very cute, although I suspect these were meant for the kitchen because 3 out of the 6 had scouring pads!
  • Bugs – they seriously have big plastic bugs. I wouldn’t buy them because one of my Aunts gave us a collection of really hideous (albeit life like) bugs that are just a tad creepy.
  • Mini brooms. Better and cheaper than toy ones man!
  • Origami paper with guides, like dinosaurs even! Mittens lost interest in it before I even got half done. Maybe he’s a bit too young.

What are your favorite finds from Daiso?


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