Just another pissy Monday

The nice thing about having boys is that they can pee quite conveniently almost anywhere, and it’s still acceptable below maybe 5 years old.

Today, we were in the line at Mr. Bean, taking a bit of time because I was debating with Mittens over what we should buy (he wanted ice cream, but he’d been giving me a hard time the whole day, so I refused), when suddenly he announced that he wanted to pee, and proceeded to do so into a drain (covered by a square grate), just 2 metres away. The lady behind me in the queue was really amused, and laughed out loud, even though I was really embarassed!! As we were leaving she bade us farewell, and then added, “Thank you, that really made my day!”.

Funny how the smallest and silliest things that sometimes we as parents are too busy being embarassed or cross over, can amuse and lighten someone else’s day.


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