2 weeks, 3 times at the A&E.

I know he was probably in a lot of pain, but the first time he fell and they put anaesthetic gel on the cut and wrapped up his head (to keep pressure on the wound) he just looked so so cute.

These last 2 weeks have been an interesting one for Abacus, with 3 falls, 1 bad flu and 3 visits to the Children’s Emergency at NUH. On our last visit, Abacus was clearly not loving the place and I had a hard time placating him and trying to get him to stop crying.

He first fell when I was carrying him in my arms and trying to put him down – he wiggled out of my arms and fell maybe 10-20cm to the ground. I thought he’d hit his head, but a minute later was wondering why there was paint all over my t-shirt, and all over his face (the boys had been painting a mess in the living room before that), then I saw it – a gash below his chin, which I knew from the look of it, that he’d need stitches.

The doctor had a quick look and gave us the option of stitches or glue, but suggested glue given his age and also his medical history. Stitches for his age would require sedation, and it’s always better to avoid it if possible. 4 hours later, we left with him right as rain. Well almost.

A few days later, Abacus ripped the dressing off, and the glue came off with a piece of gauze as well. It wasn’t a problem because the wound was looking pretty and healing well, but then somehow he knocked himself again, and the wound bled a little. It didn’t look too bad, so I continued to change the dressing frequently.

But all the suffering the poor boy had to go through with me peeling off dressings and plasters like twice a day came to naught when, he suffered yet another fall, this time even cutting his tongue slightly! Again I’m not sure how he fell, but this time we went back to the A&E to get him stitched up real good, and so far the stitches have been looking great (and after the second day I only plastered it at night, and now not at all.

Then after the stitching on Monday, he started to come down with a really bad flu on Thursday. By Saturday evening we were back at the A&E and sent home with some antibiotics for a chest infection. I always feel that it’s much easier to have to deal with physical injuries rather than illnesses, because pain can be relieved (sort of), but something like the flu just makes you feel so horrible.

I know there are some kids who are sick every month and I’m so thankful that mine aren’t the sort. When they do get sick though, especially Abacus, he seems to get it pretty bad. Ah well, hope both boys can stay in the pink of health soon, and for a long time to come!

P.s. Random fact – NUH sees an average of 5 cut chins a day, KK probably more!


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