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The Middle Ages

This place needs no introduction.

Vive la France! We have just returned from a 9-day whirlwind holiday in Paris, Bordeaux, and a few smaller towns like the lovely La Rochelle, Cognac and St Emilion. We ate (some pretty interesting stuff), we drank (perhaps a bit too much vin), we shopped, we attended a wedding, and we definitely could have done more of everything! Most importantly, I had plenty of me time and lots of adult conversation, which was a very welcome change for me.

As you should already know, France has an incredibly rich history, and although I’ve been to France quite a number of times (especially during Uni days), I was quite taken by how rich their history is, with buildings dating back to the Middle Ages even.

But this post is about a different kind of Renaissance and Middle Age – 2 weeks ago I turned 35. Age has never been a big deal to me, in fact sometimes when people ask about it, I have to stop and think (or calculate) how old I really am. In fact, the part I like the most about getting old, is getting wiser.

This long trip without the boys has been so great for me to recharge, sleep through the night, and not have to look after or look out for two other little beings (although guess who still had to look after the big one?). The boys stayed home, either with the ILs or my mother, and all our travel mates were either not married or not parents, so the trip was quite reminiscent of a trip we’d take before we had kids.

Everywhere I went I was looking at kids, I was thinking of my boys, but I was also of course relishing the time to myself. I could have a decent meal, by which I meant I could eat it by myself and not have to feed several other beings, and I had the time and opportunity to shoot more photos, which I haven’t been able to do in a long long time.

I also had a relatively good break away from emails and social networks, although an active connection to Google Maps while we were out and about would have been really more convenient! I’ve learnt so much on this trip, from the making of cognac and wines, to human relationships, to parenting.

Even though I had a fantastiques time, and came home to two clingy boys, and I envied the relatively carefree life of the others without kids, and missed the days of when I used to travel for work, I know I’m exactly where I want and where I should be in my life, and the break was a great opportunity for introspection to reinforce that for myself. As a SAHM, there is little to worry about career-wise, but it’s also a job that demands a whole lot more from a person emotionally and physically.

Vive la Motherhood, I say 🙂

Happy (belated) birthday to me!
the wine fields

2 thoughts on “The Middle Ages

  1. You must have enjoyed yourself thoroughly! I love Europe and was thinking of a trip with the kids in tow some time next year (my boy will be 6 and my girl almost 2 next year). After reading your post, I’m toying with the idea of leaving them behind (that’s if my mum can cope with 2 kids). Foot-loose and fancy travel without the kids 🙂


    1. It was really great to have a break without them although I know it’s also a great experience for them to go along on a holiday. For this trip I definitely couldn’t have brought them because we wanted to do all the “adult” things. Think I’ll just wait until they’re older 🙂


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