My heart will go on

You've come a long way, baby!

Today Abacus and I headed to the hospital for one of his regular check ups. We haven’t had an appointment since early December, and how he’s grown since then – walking, interacting with people, and protesting like an echocardiogram is torture. For those who don’t know, there isn’t any discomfort in doing an echo at all – it’s the same as an ultrasound, a bit of gel and a little sticky thingy.

So far, all is well, although honestly looking at the echo being done is almost just as bad as looking at ultrasounds – I wonder if sonographers and doctors who can interpret ultrasounds also appreciate abstract art, because sometimes they all look the same to me. Today I was also too busy trying to distract Abacus with the theme songs to the cartoons in my iPhone to pay attention to what was going on, unlike the last time when he actually fell asleep. The doc did mention something about the channels looking good and that I might be able to see (or hear?) it if/when Abacus stopped crying, but he cried the house down, so that was that. Well as long as the doctors are happy, so am I.


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