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Gender equality – an oxymoron

Recently, AWARE announced that it would give tongue-in-cheek awards out to people or institutions who were deemed to have given a disservice to gender equality in Singapore. Seriously, could they not look for better things to focus their energy on? Ever since man was made (or evolved, depending on your views on the origins of man), man and woman were created differently. Same same, but different. Equal in some ways, not equal in others. But that, really, is the beauty of it, isn’t it? To have two of different strengths and weaknesses compliment each other to create a better “whole”?

For sure, women’s rights are important, we shouldn’t be discriminated against in most circumstances for being say, pregnant, although in example, I can see how it would be difficult to continue as a flight stewardess. But equality? Let’s just say, that as Singaporean women we enjoy enough equality to still be treated seriously in the boardroom, or like princesses when the occasion calls for it. We aren’t even expected to do national service. We can play the traditional role of mothers, or we can even be the one bringing home the bacon.

We have the best of both worlds, and we should definitely savour it while we can. And for that privilege, I’ll take being called the weaker sex, any time. Besides, thank goodness bra burning has gone out of fashion, because the only thing that leads to is saggy boobs. Nasty.


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