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Last week, out of the blue I started to get a really sore throat, then all of a sudden, I lost my voice. It’s been 9 days, and my voice is almost back to its normal “state”. It got so bad that one of the days I was actually whispering to everyone and trying to mother my children by using hand signs. It was a little amusing to do it with Mittens, because he’s older and was trying to guess what I wanted. With Abacus, he was practically oblivious, since he’s obviously not used to getting any kind of directions or instructions by pointing. I’m just glad that I have my booming voice back to command the attention of the little monsters when I need to.

I’ve also been very very fortunate that the hubby has been putting both boys to bed for me, since I want to minimise being in too close a proximity and enclosed spaces with them. He’ll put them both to sleep, at the same time, and unless he’s dead to the world, will even tend to them if they wake at night, which might consist of 1 night feed for Abacus, and 1-3 times Mittens waking up to look for Mummy. He’s really impressed me, and I think the effort is worth more than any present he could ever get for me!

During this week I’ve often wondered how parents with disabilities cope. Parents who are physically handicapped and can’t rush to get their kids down from climbing up stools/chairs/etc or some other precarious situation. Parents who are deaf and can’t hear the babblings of their infants. Parents who are mute, who can’t teach their children how to speak (how do they do it, any idea??), or who can’t tell them to STOP HAMMERING ON THE SLIDING DOORS and PUT ON SOME SHORTS PLEASE! Or, parents who are blind.

There was a heart wrenching video that did its rounds on FB late last year – a 3 year old girl in China who tends to her paraplegic father. And I mentioned the book Where Children Sleep, by James Mollison in an earlier post – to see the conditions that some of these kids live in, is just something that I couldn’t imagine for myself or my children.

While some days it feels like we have so many challenges and so much weight on our shoulders, many of us are so fortunate and blessed in many ways. And to me, children seem to be the embodiment and constant reminder of the greatness and love of God and the Universe, and how great it is to be alive. Well, at least when they’re behaving.

Don’t forget to count your blessings today, even if they do give you quite the headache 🙂


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