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The Pigeonhole

Love the height chart stickers.
And the planets wall stickers!

Still related to Where Children Sleep, last month I finally put some finishing touches on the walls of the boys’ room.

When we bought the Pigeonhole, it was just the two of us and we had grand plans for urban living, given that it was right on the edge of the CBD and a tiny shoebox of a place.

Then before we knew it (or rather, before we could even start thinking about renovations) we had one boy, and then two, whom would surely need a room of their own. And then the study slowly converted itself into a playroom come store room (for bulky items/toys) and where my helper sleeps at night (because it’s so much nicer than sleeping in the bomb shelter).

This week I came across one blogger’s homeschool room and I just found it so lovely – I wish I had space for the kids to do their thing in. I’m sure many parents also lust after the practical and fun designs of Flexa and Haba, to name a few. Thank goodness we have Ikea for relatively affordable prices and lovely designs. And by lovely, I so do not mean those awful cheap looking ones where the bed is a car or a boat, with fake Disney characters or the like. Yucks. I’ve also seen some really whimsical and fun ideas, like this pirate themed room and some really lovely rooms designed by Randy Weinstein (see the gallery below).

Of course, do not attempt if you only have 1000sqfeet. Sigh!

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With all our stuff (and with stuff STILL at my IL’s!), and the ever-growing amount of toys, the place is now bursting at the seams. Still, it’s a lovely place to call home, but with kids around it seems like space is never enough, eh? 🙂

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