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Remind me again why I have kids?

A great "How to"!

We just came back from a 5 night holiday in Phuket on Sunday night, and with having to look after all THREE boys 24/7 (although at least there was my mum to help out), and Abacus fussing all the way home (thank goodness it was a short flight!), I was pretty exhausted by the time we came back.

While we were away, Abacus also developed a cough that by Sunday night was terribly wheezy. So on Sunday night, exhausted from all that travelling, aching from all the carrying (of barang and of the boys), the flight, and a really fussy wheezy boy, I was well ready to declare that I wasn’t going to bring the boys on a holiday again for another 6 months (until Abacus is older), save for the cruise that we’ve already booked for next month. To add to that, all throughout the trip Mittens had been particularly clingy and difficult, and I wondered how much tougher it was going to get.

Although I like to think that God doesn’t give us what we can’t handle, some days it really does seem too much. So I was ever so grateful that come Monday morning I had a few chances to reminders to keeping it all in perspective, first with some cute but oh-so-true How-tos from the Singapore Toy Club’s Facebook page on How to really love a child (pictured above).

And then there was this lovely article, Notes From a Dragon Mom, written by a mother of a boy with Tay-Sachs disease, a rare genetic disorder with no treatment, no cure, and it is almost certain that the poor boy will not see past his third birthday.

The article is a wonderful reminder of how simple a parent’s love should be. So often we have aspirations and expectations. We are demanding and exasperated. We are pushy and impatient. We put them through so much sometimes when all they really need is our unconditional love.

Some days I’m really just enjoying my time with the boys, but at other times it’s the hardest thing I or anyone else has had to do. We are all so blessed in so many ways with our children, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that.



5 thoughts on “Remind me again why I have kids?

  1. Thanks for the wonderful article. I was moved to tears. It has been trying for me of late with my son being extremely uncooperative, tantrums and all … it’s like being in the battlefield every day.

    Reading this article puts things into perspective. When the going gets tough in the parenting journey, the reminder to love my kids unconditionally is so very much needed.


  2. Good question. I need chant this everyday, definitely more than once. I don’t have a satisfactory answer to the Why (because I’m feeling v sarcastic now) but I shall try to remember the How – stay constantly high like a Hi-5 member, and stop yelling.


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