Chip and Dale

Chip 'n Dale
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This afternoon, as Mittens was watching some episodes of Chip and Dale, he was really in stitches laughing at them two chipmunks. Chip and Dale probably remains as the only cartoon that can really make Mittens laugh out loud, and a lot. It’s amazing how old the cartoon is but how entertaining it still is. We’ve had a small collection of episodes, but recently found more, and Mittens was beside himself laughing.

What amazes me about these two chipmunks is that they were created in 1943. That’s before either my parents were born!! And yet today they remain relevant. Although, I have to admit that the education factor is a little iffy. The fact remains that the entertainment value is there!

It also reminded me of how, when we were at Children’s Emergency last, Abacus and I were at the children’s waiting area, where another boy and his mother were also waiting. He was maybe about 5 or 6, and laughing out loud at the cartoons. The poor boy, though, kept getting told, “Stop laughing”, or “Control your laughter”. I thought that that would be a difficult task even for an adult – unless of course, we know it would cause great embarrassment to ourselves or to someone else, but then again, we’re adults, and we’ve had years of “training”.

I felt really sorry for the boy. Isn’t it great to be able to laugh when you want to, because you can?

Enjoy this little clip 🙂


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