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Everyone ready??

Although I have some interest in photography, and even attended some studio shooting classes and borrowed a friend’s entire light setup, one of the things I miss is having the time and luxury of not having to attend to a zillion things at the same time, to shoot more.

The hubbs is always asking me to take more photos of them, but it’s tougher to be the mummy and the photographer rather than the daddy and the photog, since there is a limit to the number of things you can multitask AND carry. Anyhoos, we have never ever had any studio shots taken, either as a couple or as a family, so when there Groupon deal for an indoor studio session with Snap came up, just down the road from where we live at Sago Street (I absolutely cannot think of that name and NOT think of sago with gula melaka. MMMMmmmmmm), I snapped it up (hurhur).

Although it’s a self-shoot, meaning you use a remote, we had quite a bit of fun, and about 20minutes is really all that children have the attention for.

Some lessons learnt:

  • Bring some good kids music to get them in a good mood, and dancing, if possible.
  • Bring more kids props for more “fun” photos.
  • Definitely bring someone along to help – for changing and for getting them to focus on the camera.
  • It’s almost impossible to get two kids to smile at the same time, with you also IN the photo.
  • Next time, I definitely want to do more candid shots instead of posed ones!

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