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The boys up to some shennanigans in Phuket

I’ve been rather slack in posting recently – I thought that as the boys grow older they’d be easier and demand less of my time, but obviously I was wrong – I feel as if I have even less time than before! I think partly Abacus is at an age where he’s demanding more of my attention, and also we’ve been busy preparing for, or coming back from holidays or events, plus the boys have been sleeping later (sometimes 10 or later!), when they used to sleep at 9pm previously.

This last month we’ve done Phuket, Bali and this weekend we’ll be off on the Royal Caribbean. We don’t usually go on so many holidays, and although they throw schedules off track, they are of course always welcome. Hopefully we can squeeze in another trip before the year end, and we’re already full of ideas for next year. If I won a tidy sum from say Toto or 4D right now, I think it’d probably go straight to our holiday fund.

Anyhoo, travelling aside (and on that note, I am SO glad I have my helper to help me do the tedious unpacking and laundry after each trip!), there just seems to be so much to do. Such as:

  • Plan meals. We eat in for dinners 5-6 times a week, and lunches maybe 3-4 times. Some days I get really lazy and just buy lunch back since we’ve got such cheap and yummy food nearby. Planning meals isn’t as simple as you think, because you have to take into account what you already have, and inspiration doesn’t always hit you when you’re at the supermarket. Sometimes I can plan for a week but it’ll change (or at least a dish or two) daily. I have no idea how my maid puts up with me, the poor girl. Hope she likes living on the edge 😮
  • Read. I would love to read a lot more parenting books than I really have the time for. I’ve even been renewing and re-borrowing the same old stinking library books, but I just can’t seem to dedicate the time to get past the first chapters. And the hubbs is always discouraging me from bringing my books on holiday but I’m ever the optimist! True enough, this last 4N holiday (without the boys, too!) I got through maybe 5 pages of one book.
  • Find educational activities to do or print. Sure there’s tons of stuff out there, but there’s so much it takes quite an effort to find things you like, too!
  • Surf. Damn, it sure takes up a lot of time just doing “nothing”!

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