Sail away

Along Jonker Street, with the other 2 boys in the background

We have just returned from a holiday and I haven’t had the chance to blog about the previous one. I’ve been busy packing, unpacking, and getting over the post-holiday blues, while at the same time attending to a sick Abacus since the hubby and I went to Bali on our own. Last weekend, we went on the Legend of the Seas, by Royal Caribbean, and there Abacus started to get a massive cold apart from his already massive phlegmy cough which had been already going on for a week. Maybe the room was too cold, or maybe his immunity was too low, but I think at least he did enjoy himself somewhat.

This trip we ended up looking like the parents of 3 boys, because both my SIL and BIL couldn’t make it in the end, and we invited the hubby’s aunty and my mother to come along (MIL was already booked to come along), so it was like 3 boys, hubby and I, and 3 grandmothers. Still, the boys are a handful, but it is always great to have more hands, and with some company Mittens was more willing to spend some time at the kids club unaccompanied by any adults. I hope he’ll get used to more activities like that 😉

I know some people rave about the food on the Legend of the Seas, and I must be missing something there. The food was nowhere near spectacular, although some of it was very decent, and most of it was very edible. The ship itself is starting to look quite dated, but otherwise kept very clean, and service is usually quite good. The pool is tiny, and at peak periods, for lack of a better word, it looks like an orgy. Seriously.

And then the bridge for boarding the vessel was all decked out in Royal Caribbean posters, and they even have one image of kids playing in a water park kind of thing – which they have none of the sort on Legend of the Seas, so it was quite a disappointment. They need to work on other parts of their comms – instructions and guides could be much clearer – imagine they don’t even have take away maps of their ships anywhere! Only on the FAQ page that they place at check-in which they don’t even encourage you to take away.

About the Adventure Ocean program – there were specific times which had kids activities, say from 7-10pm, during which kids could join and leave at any time, and it’s always great to have some flexibility, of course. I think they could go the extra mile and open it at other times for kids to play. On the first day, it was Open House from 1-4pm, so we all went in, and of course the kids started to play around, but after a while we were informed that we couldn’t sit there and the kids couldn’t play there. And it’s not open at other times for kids to have free play. A bit of a bummer, don’t you think?

Oh, and if you’re going with kids, try and get their wristbands to be loose enough for it to slip off and tight enough to stay on. The wristbands are for emergencies so staff know where to bring them to meet their parents, but expecting kids to wear the same plastic wrist bands for the entire cruise duration is actually asking a lot out of toddlers.

Overall although we didn’t quite like that some places like the pool and mealtimes were a bit too crowded for comfort, and I didn’t like the feeling of being herded like sheep, it was a pretty fun experience, and we might be back again. We also thought that the ship might be larger – but I already had a forewarning because we can see Harbourfront Cruise Centre from our shoebox, and I’ve figured out which one is the SuperStar Virgo, so on the morning that we left, I saw a ship that was maybe half or 2/3rds the size of the Virgo! But I guess the ship is actually large enough for you to find a nook or cranny without too many people – and without a kids playground, the boys had a good time climbing all over the sofas in the Library (when no one else was around, of course), or just climbing up and down the ladders to the pull down beds in the rooms. Best of all, I didn’t feel super shack after this holiday as compared to the last one with them (which was only a month ago!). If we do go again, I think we’ll definitely do the larger vessel.


P.s. Just realised that I took so few photos because I was busy looking after 3 boys. ‘Nuff said.

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