A – 18 months!

The boys and a Ferrari.

How time flies, and how much they grow and change over the short time. For the last month, Abacus has been having the flu on and off, and don’t forget that episode of Roseola too, and we celebrated his “birthday” by going to the hospital because I was really concerned about his bronchilitis. The last time he started wheezing, which wasn’t too bad because he responded quite well to Ventolin, but this time he started to get shortness of breath, coupled with coughing that sounds like a raspy de-barked dog. Turns out he had a chest infection again, and we went away with some antibiotics. He’s also been very whiny, so I was quite unapologetic about placating him with TV. Mittens certainly didn’t mind it!

Otherwise, he has been learning new things everyday, and is a great contender for a game of Simon Says. He can copy things easily just by watching, from climbing on the table following his older brother, to using a pail of water to throw water on the floor (I wanted to wash away something on the bathroom floor), to putting his hand out to flag for taxis or carrying the entire supermarket basket by himself even though he can hardly amble along with it!

He is also very feisty, and will push bigger kids away from say the slide at the playground if he wants to have a go, or make known he’s not happy that the other kids are touching his tricycle, and is not afraid to wander off on his own. And he can almost run, which means he needs a lot of chasing at times!

He can still hardly say maybe 5 words, and recently seems to be less interested in talking at all. I’m looking forward to him to start conversing with his brother, and entertaining each other, even though the babbling is pretty cute. Mittens’ babbling, as they often regress or think that acting like a baby is cute, is quite the opposite, and often I’ll ask if he’s forgotten how to talk.

While there’s definitely lots of fighting, they can also be terribly adorable together. I used to think that the first 18 months were going to be tough, and after that it would get better, but it’s still be pretty demanding, and now I’m wondering whether it’ll taper at 2 years! I guess only time will tell…

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