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The romance of travel

You must agree, that Singaporeans love to travel. Whether its a nip over to our neighbour’s, or a long haul flight around the world, we love to go or think about travelling. On our last trip back, I glanced through an article entitled, The Romance of Travel, and while I think it’s so apt, I also wondered what it means to different people. I’ve never been much of a backpacker, and these days if I have to suffer budget travel, I’d much rather stay at home.

Only because my “work” is already physically tiring, I’d prefer not to rough it out, in any way, unless it’s grabbing some authentic grub at a local place while you’re on holiday. I also miss travelling for business – breezing in and out of cities, sometimes needing to be in 2 (or even 3!) places at once, but mostly travelling 1-2 times a month, going as far as Brazil, and as close as Jakarta. Many people complain about work travel but secretly love it. Me, I’m just thankful that work opened the door to so many new people and new experiences, so I don’t feel so swa ku when it comes to travelling.

Of course, travelling with the kids is always a lot more stressful, and a lot less romantic (in every sense of the word!), and sometimes I wonder whether the destination makes very much of a difference to them, since with their needs and schedules it leaves little room for really taking in the local atmosphere. For example, I’m reluctant to do any city trips with them, because of the logistics and the effort it would require, so we tend to go to seaside resorts with them, and I often wonder whether it makes a difference to them whether we’re in Sentosa or the Seychelles, and I suspect the answer is no! Well, apart from getting to go on a plane ride, but that’s a whole other story altogether when you have 2 very restless boys.

So I’m lucky that the hubby is always willing to go on couple trips, which we do to less family-oriented destinations, and family trips. Hell, I’m just grateful to go on any trip!

What’s your idea of the romance of travel?

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