The end of….the year

Happy new year everybody!! We’re hardly in January, there are presents yet to be opened (from their boxes), and already the shops are playing Chinese New Year music. I wonder if Christmas is as quickly forgotten in other countries which don’t celebrate CNY?

The end of the year hasn’t been filled with too much activity. We spent a bulk of the school holidays nursing the kids – Roseola, bronchilitis, and the usual sniffles (I even brought Abacus to the A&E twice, but thankfully it wasn’t too serious). We went on a cruise as a family, two holidays as a couple, and I tried to bring them to as many activities as time or our energy levels would allow, including spending some time at the beach, several cable car rides, the zoo, and whatever the annoying weather would allow, which is hardly all that much.

I’m not sure if New Years Eve celebrations get less exciting after you become a parent, or if it is a result of age. We contemplated getting away, but the “special” prices were far too ridiculous for us to stomach. Maybe also it was I was trying to get over a cough, and that I figured I’d have to go straight back to parenting duties (I was right, Abacus woke up at 6am after I finally fell asleep at 230am). We were right in the middle of the fireworks, but I also realised that this means it’s terribly smoky, and you get all kinds of funny ash falling on the sky from you. And I was reminded of how much I abhor cigarette smoke. I think next year we’ll stay in and watch the fireworks from Sentosa and Mt Faber and ship flares from our living room. And I won’t even need to get stuck in a traffic jam for that! Ha! 🙂

Recently with entertaining the boys, straining my back (trying to put a 12.8kg Abacus into the car) and trying to pull through the days with erratic sleep, I haven’t even really thought about how the year went and what I want to do in the coming year. Maybe one of the resolutions should be to procrastinate less 🙂


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