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Back to school!

The boy posing with his breakfast.

Boy am I glad that school has started! Although it will take a while for everyone to settle into a routine, and I hope that we’ll see the end of erratic, late bedtimes, which usually leaves me quite drained and devoid of much time to read or blog or anything. I was worried there might be some adjustment needed for Mittens since he starts school at 10am this year instead of 1pm last year, but it’s worked out pretty well if he wakes up at 930am latest, and it leaves the whole afternoon for us to do things if we need to.

It’s felt like an extraordinarily long holiday this time round, I think because Abacus is much older now and demanding more entertainment and distraction, so I’m doubly busy trying to be court jester, thinking of means and ways to entertain the royal heirs. The rains have not been helpful at all, confining us to the home, since I’m not the type to go to a shopping centre to walk around. I usually need an errand as a purpose – I would be horrified to list “shopping” as a hobby, and anyhow I doubt the boys are particularly interested in walking around aimlessly.

This year with the change in school timing I’ll get more alone time with each boy but less me time to myself. Last year I would sometimes use the time when Mittens was in school and Abacus napping, to nip out for a quick meeting, lunch, massage, grocery run, or even a nap for myself, which was always a nice break for me in the middle of the day. So let’s see how long I last now before I kill someone or go mad. Or both 😉

Hopefully I can also come to a decision on whether to put Abacus in a twice-a-week preschool or just fill his time up with art, music and “gym” classes. I think doing school AND all 3 classes might be overkill, and would like to let Mittens attend some art and music classes. Or perhaps I could alternate it by semester. Or just go straight to half day child care at My First Skool for a ridiculously low rate of $342 after subs (when you consider what Cherie Hearts and the rest are charging!). At any rate, I think he’s definitely ready for something because he’s been crying when we drop Mittens off at school because he can’t go in.

Whichever way it goes, I’m just glad that school has started, as I’m sure many other parents are too. Here’s hoping the kids will enjoy school and their childhood, for as long as they possibly can, before the stress sets in.



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