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Sticky like glue.

The class at Artists Academy

School has just started, and thankfully, we haven’t had any tears from Mittens. I dare say we had tears on and off for at least 9 months when he first started, so I was bracing myself for some sort of protest. I was pleasantly surprised when during the school holidays, he asked several times whether there would be school, and I think towards the end he was actually getting bored of me (some days I was just too tired to entertain them!) and wanted to go back to school.

Before he started school, so I tried to prep him the best I could. I’d heard all about having “heartache” if they have to go to school bawling away – is it “heartless” of me to say I get a little annoyed rather than all emotional? I think it’s not so much the crying that annoys me, but the fact that he can be so darn sticky to me all the time. At one stage I couldn’t even take a shower without him trying to tear the door down! And I’m extremely glad that Abacus isn’t all that sticky, although sometimes he does prefer mummy.

Last week we also attended a 4-week trial music class with Artists Academy, based on their EMG (Expression Music Genius) curriculum. What was interesting was that, out of the 6 kids that were attending, 3 of them were boys around Mitten’s age and ALL very sticky to their mums. The other 2 boys looked like the eldest/only child, and I say this because there seems to be a strong tendency for the eldest, and even worse when it’s the only child, to be “sticky like glue” to their parents.

Mittens only (albeit a little temporarily) started acting more like his normal self after I said I was going to bring him home if he wasn’t going to join in the activities. I guess he is just one of those boys who takes quite a while to warm up. Only Recently I’ve been able to NOT have to attend a Gymboree session with Mittens, although I did sit in his full view the whole time.

And although I know I’ll miss the attention when they grow older, some days it can be so stifling. Especially when there are two to look after! Oh well, I guess, some boys are just meant to be Mummy’s Boys.



2 thoughts on “Sticky like glue.

  1. Totally agree with you cousin… I will miss the attention from Jingheng when he’s older but I sure wish he has eyes on me less often now. I can’t wait when Jingheng goes to school. Looking forward to meet Ethan and Atticus soon 🙂


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