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CNY activities for kids

I was looking for some CNY activities for Mittens since it’s his first “real” CNY – as in I think he will recall the most from now on. So under one of the searches I found this, Chinese food.

Of course I’m definitely NOT giving this to the kids because they’d have no idea what I’m on about. And I’m glad that this will not be their definition of Chinese food!!!

Anywhere, here are some other good sites to use for preschoolers:

  • Chinese New Year Coloring Pages – love the graphics and the Chinese characters on each page!
  • A Dragon mask from Kiboomu
  • And some Ni Hao Kai Lan (are you saying “Kai Lan” with me with the twang?) free printables, although there are more Halloween printables than CNY ones. Wassup with that, Kai Laaaan? (serious shudder there). There is a nice-ish paper lantern though not very Chinese New Yearsy.
  • Very very lovely paper dragon crafts here! And other masks too! Except – would require colouring that my preschooler is not ready for. Especially since he’s not a fan of colouring, period.

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