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Enter the Dragon

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If you haven’t caught on yet, techincally it isn’t the Dragon year yet because apparently the signs only change on February 4th, so if you’re born before that on any given year, you’re the Chinese zodiac of the previous year’s animal. Just thought you might like that random but very important piece of information – even the Straits Times has been reporting on it “wrongly”! One of the hubby’s friends for years thought he was one sign, only to discover, only 35 years later, that he was actually reading the wrong horoscope!

Now mid-way into CNY, like a couple of my friends, it’s struck me that while we’re not the most traditional people, when you have kids you feel more of a need to, in one of my friend’s words “preserve and pass down the cultural heritage”. How well put! I’ve realised that this year I’ve been rather slack – I didn’t even buy them new clothes, and although they do have some shirts that are new, the boys hardly wear shirts (even if it is short sleeves), and just ended up wearing their red jerseys (what else, right!). We also hardly did any visiting – only to my IL’s (naturally), Mum’s, two Aunts’, and a company CNY dinner. We did do dinner at the ILs three times though.

In a way we’re lucky, that we don’t have to visit like 6 families in a day EACH day (like Mittens’ poor classmate!), but I feel the whole atmosphere is subdued in a way. I’ve been feeling extremely lethargic recently, so I guess it’s just as well we haven’t been too busy. In fact although we weren’t too busy there were definitely enough late nights that Abacus was napping for more than 3 hours each day and Mittens actually started to get a low grade fever which lasted a few days.

This year we’ve managed to get Mittens to say “恭喜发财”, although both boys are a little unwilling to do the hand action. Abacus was only willing to receive ang pows from some people and not others, but I’m sure once the boys realise the significance, or rather, the contents, they’ll be clamouring for it in the future.

Well, the nice thing about being a parent is that often we get chances to do it again, and there’s always next year to be more festive.


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