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Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I need it the most.

A friend tweeted this quote recently and I found it so meaningful (along with the 17 other people on my FB who liked it!). The hubby and I have never been the type who are super duper loving like ALL the time like how some people are – perhaps it’s just in our nature. He an Aries, me a Leo (plus Fire Dragon and Aries rising), so we’re all fired up. Hur hur.

I realised that if there’s one thing about him is that he is unwavering in his love and support. It’s taken him a while to find his place in the fatherly role, but I think this is common for daddies – naturally their paternal instincts don’t seem to kick in as quickly as maternal instincts do – for us it’s just GO GO GO! from the start.

The last few weeks have been no exception – when Mittens had a fever he voluntarily woke up to check on him and sponge him in the middle of the night, and if in the middle of the night I’m having a particularly tough time getting Abacus to sleep, he’ll take over (I’ll have to wake him up of course) without complaining. Already he can single-handedly put both boys to sleep himself, which is always such a relief for me.

Last month, for a day, both of us looked after only Mittens because he was having a fever and we had Abacus shipped off to the ILs as part of the containment measures. It was such a luxury looking after only one toddler (who is pretty self sufficient), and I jokingly told him, “One is enough hor”. Later when we were all watching TV together and Mittens was awing us with his vocabulary and knowledge, I said, “He’s so cute, shall we have another?”. Of course, we already do have another.

Mummies all agree that while having children are a major stress on any relationship, it is precisely these stresses (which sometimes can be everyday, hor), and the many glimpses of the wonder of life and God’s amazing work through children that make a relationship stronger and more likely to last those stormy moments. And, you’ll definitely see a different side of the man you married, and apparently there are different facets depending on whether you have boys or girls!

This coming Valentine’s Day is going to be like any other day I refuse to pay good money for an overly expensive and  fancy dinner for me, but we have a special priceless gift in store for the both of us. It’s been one heck of a ride, and there’s more of the awesome journey to come.

With that, I leave with you with a lovely haunting song from Christina Perri – A Thousand Years.


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