Pass me the paracetamol.

It’s been a little bit of a rough two weeks – just when Abacus was getting better from his never-ending cough, Mittens started having a low grade fever which lasted for more than 3 days, and it turned out not to be birthday fever (the ILs believe that kids are pantang and you shouldn’t mention birthdays to them or they get too excited and start getting fevers), but a chest infection instead.

We were so lucky to see our favourite doc at NUH’s CE (actually I only know one, haha), whose advice of giving Abacus the antibiotics too if he started coughing was probably the best advice ever – lucky I started him early otherwise it’d be even more long drawn and there’s only so much of two sick boys a sick mother (since I wasn’t spared from coughing right in my face) can deal with herself.

While Mittens was his usual bouncy self after his doses of paracetamol kicked in, Abacus has been rather grouchy, and sometimes even TV wouldn’t placate him. The poor boy has a history of RSV and bronchilitis, so I think the coughs always hit him the worst. At least he’s warmed up to the idea of the space chamber (or a puffer), and won’t put up as much a fight when it’s administered, as opposed to before when he would be screaming bloody murder.

I’m convinced though, that the pharmaceutical giants can do better with the antibiotics. Stop putting in flavouring additives and sugar in, and just make it dissolve-able powder and we’ll do the rest by hiding it in milk, ribena, milo, or some other items lah.

Coincidentally, I found this article on a few tips that you could do to occupy your kids if you’re sick. But in reality, I just put on the TV. And space out. The article also points to this cute T-shirt. I can so imagine that being the hubby!! Maybe I should draw one for him.

Man, I feel another headache coming on. Boy am I looking forward to everyone being 100% well again!!


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