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Birthday season begins!

Last year we did two pretty big parties for the boys, so this year, I decided to top what we did last year.. NOT! I’ve been far too lazy and lethargic to plan anything although I did try and do a little research. In the end we just did a makeshift CNY-dinner with a birthday cake threw in for Mittens.

Family birthday cake from Balmoral bakery.

I was also looking into getting a Transformers cake for Mittens, but they were either too ugly or too expensive, and as the day drew closer I decided to just do the cheap and dirty – buy a decent cake from Balmoral bakery and stick on some Transformers figurines which were going at Robinsons for 3 for $20 and are fully reusable after you wash them. What’s there not to like about a cake like that for a kid??

He has grown so much but it’s hard to miss it when you see them every day. He’s not exceptionally tall, but the hubby thinks he stands out (literally) in his class, but then he is a February baby, who would be quite a vast difference from say a December baby. And his clothes seem to be shrinking all the time, although at the same time he can still kind of squeeze into the same tops as Abacus, who can at 20 months already hardly squeeze into the tops that Mittens was wearing when he was close to 3!

He is such an inquisitive, talkative boy, and remembers places, conversation, etc. which we would never have expected him to. He is just starting to be less shy about formal greetings to adults, like the basic hello and thank yous, whereas not too long ago he might have just babbled some baby talk. Many times a day I look at this boy and wonder who he’s grown into, asking all kinds of intelligent questions and always so spirited.

Sometimes I wonder if in a way he is or will be shortchanged in a way because I haven’t got as much time as I’d like to just be there for him alone. But then I guess if I only had him I would probably still be in a full time office job, which would mean even less time for him.

The actual day birthday cake

This year, as both he and his younger brother grow, I hope they can play better together, and I hope Mittens will be a less selfish boy. Often if Abacus snatches a toy away, Mittens will get upset and either fold his arms and get angry or sometimes even run to his room. My usual line is, if they can’t share no one will play with it. And if he doesn’t like having didi around, perhaps we should leave him at Nainai’s house, to which he will usually very sweetly say no 🙂 It’s going to be a busy year for him too, with some classes in the pipeline, like Chinese, maybe soccer, art, music, or something similar.

Fantastic and fabulous fours? I certainly hope so!!



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