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Jigsaw Puzzle Organisation

At home we don’t have an extensive jigsaw puzzle collection, but I was really inspired by this post by Counting Coconuts on how she organises their puzzles. Check out the amount of puzzles they have! Cool right! Read more to see more details.


2 thoughts on “Jigsaw Puzzle Organisation

  1. like this so much! but I’m just thinking about giving away some of her toys – she’s out-growing them. but i feel a little sad too….and i’m not sure how she would take to it.

    Oh well, We’ll see.


    1. Hmm.. How about slowly getting her to buy into the idea of giving some toys away to other children or to charity? I think I read about it before, that some kids during christmas or birthdays will have a ritual of giving toys to charity. Not sure whether our kids are old enough to understand it yet, but unfortunately I don’t have much toys to give away since we have so many users, haha!


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