Sick of being sick, tired of being tired.

Having fun with marbles and screw cap bottles.
Coloured stickers (More on it below)












This is what it’s like in my household on a daily basis – the boys entertaining himself while I have my feet up, reading a nice novel.

No, that’s SO NOT how it is. In fact the last few weeks have been filled with copious amounts of TV, and little else.

The boys have been taking turns to fall sick again, just when we thought they were recovering from their horrible bout of chest infections, and I’m starting to get really annoyed with myself for always feeling so tired, so much so that on some afternoons, by the time I put Abacus down to nap, I have to nap too, otherwise I know I definitely “cannot make it”.

Other days I’m not so tired but surprise myself by napping for 2 hours, and I feel like such a bad parent that while I’m napping, Mittens isn’t doing anything constructive except for watching TV. But on some days after long nights of a few wakings, sometimes twice for milk by Abacus, sometimes by Mittens because he wants one of us to sleep with him, it all adds up. And it just annoys me that I have to nap when I could be up doing more constructive things.

At least the headaches have started to ease, otherwise headache + panadol = cannot nap = stoned. And then the kids end up watching TV. Again. I’m slowly getting my groove back, playing with them and planning more activities for them to occupy themselves at home, although I do love how they can play together so well these days. That is, when they’re not snatching toys from each other or Mittens is hitting Abacus and Abacus not biting Mittens in retaliation…

Ah well. I hope I find more energy soon before my two sons’ heads turn into TVs.


About the bottles: If you’re going to attempt this, please make sure there is 100% supervision because I turned away for one minute and one jar broke! We moved to the sofa after that, which was a little better. I thought of using plastic bottles but the sound they create are just not the same. It’s loud and noisy, and the marbles bounce all over the floor, but at least they love it, and it’s a great learning activity. The screw caps are quite important to the activity so it’s not just about jars, but if you only have jars that’s better than nothing/

About the coloured dots: A cheap and good activity of colored dot stickers (280 stickers for $2 at Big Bookshop) and just let them go wild sticking it all over our sofa, since it’s easier to remove from fabric rather than wood/wall/laminate. Mittens even stuck a whole row up his arm and Abacus was trying to stick them on the soles of his feet. Then they started to decorate me, and I think I actually left home with a green sticker in my hair. I saw this on a blog but for the life of me can’t remember where and can’t find it now. The mom actually pasted up mahjong-ish paper on the wall and let each child go wild, in kind of competition.




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