Rainy day activities

Boys having "fun"

Recently I came across this post on microwave puffy paint, so I thought i’d try it with the boys. Combine flour with food colouring, “paint”, and microwave on high for 40-60 seconds.

Unfortunately, it was a lot of work (mixing the flour and such) for not such interesting effects, probably because, in true Mittens style, he insisted on dribbling paint all OVER the cardboard, in no particular pattern. It is so typical of him, let me tell you! And Abacus merely used it as normal paint, using a brush and all. So I won’t be trying that for a while. But you can see how beautiful some of it can turn out! As Mommy Labs illustrated.

I also stumbled upon some fantastic resources from Lakeshore Learning – they have such wonderful resources, including generators for writing worksheet, awards, flash cards and word searches. Not to mention TONS of other printable activities, and all with very lovely graphics (sorry lah, I am after all, a marketeer, cannot tahan icky 80’s clip art).

Here are also some great links I found recently:



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