Resources for home learning

It’s amazing just how much stuff you can find online – whether free or paid. Especially in terms of home learning resources, sometimes the amount of stuff to go through gives me a headache. I mean, search Montessori and you’ll probably get a gazillion pages which you’ll never be able to finish reading. I seriously have far too many blogs subscribed to to last me a few lifetimes over, either in Google reader or straight into my Inbox. Maybe I’ll be able to finish it when the boys are in secondary school, by which time it’ll be too late. Ha!!

Anyhow, if you’re in need for some inspiration or looking for MORE resources, check out these 12 sites where a lady blogger who is also a speech pathologist gets her materials. And then look in the comments section for MORE links. I think I need a lay down (and 200 uninterrupted hours to surf the web) just thinking about all the sites.

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