See inside your body

I’ve been looking for some materials on the human body for Mittens, and so far the books I had bought didn’t seem to capture his interest. A few days ago though, I scored this book at the Mothercare sale (of all places to buy a book right? I only bought books and briefs. That was ALL I could find that I needed! Or could afford), and so far Mittens seems quite intrigued by it. There’s even a page which shows your intestines and when you lift a flap it shows some poo, which he was totally tickled by.

Anyhoo, he made me read tons of little blurbs and had SO many questions it made me realise how bad my biology is. After a while, I said, go ask Daddy, he will know. I love throwing Daddy stuff that I can’t do, like the Chinese books, which even Mr CL1 will furrow his brows and stumble to read (think he just needs more practise to get in the mode). Once, while reading only the English part of one of the bilingual books from the library, he asked me to read the Chinese part and said, Daddy always reads the English and the Chinese. I can manage it if there’s pinyin, but otherwise I’d struggle, and for a minute I felt like I was caught out by my 4 year old. Thankfully he got distracted by something else and I was saved. For that night.

Edible heart model

Sorry I digress. So I also came across this lovely site on some activities on Spell Outloud about learning about the human heart, and I was most amused by their edible heart model (as pictured), because to illustrate what was going on with Abacus at Day 2 of his life, a cardiologist drew a (very lovely) heart model I would have loved to pin up on my wall as a momento (alas at that time that was the last thing I was thinking about), but the surgeon drew four squares and just illustrated it with arrows. So simple, yet so effective!

February is the American Heart Month, so if you’re looking for more hearty activities for your kids, there’s tons more stuff out there. I think it’s all a little too much detail for Mittens at the moment, so I’ll just stick to See Inside Your Body for now.


2 thoughts on “See inside your body

    1. Well sometimes I think I should be less “hardworking” and just be present for the kids. I think I get too excited about all these resources online, haha. Thanks for the tips though, I think I don’t use YouTube enough!


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