Assalaamu alaikum, Malé!

Yes, the sea is really that blue!

(That’s “Hello, Malé!”)

We’ve just returned (ok it’s been a week actually) from a lovely family holiday that wasn’t too hectic or tiring (on the mummy, i.e. me!). The last trip we took to Phuket just seemed like so much work that I was really reluctant to bring either or any boy along this time, especially since I’ve been so tired recently, and initially we only planned on taking Abacus, and had already started prepping Mittens that he’d be shipped off to the in-laws, but thankfully we were able to redeem a flight for him (in less than 12 hours too! Gotta love SQ, not loving their website though), slightly more than 2 days before we were scheduled to leave.

So we decided to bite the bullet and bring both boys along, and we had really such a fantastic time. Both boys loved playing at the beach and swimming, which was basically all we did the whole day, and a good 3 days 2 nights was just right, taking the day flight in and the red eye flight out. Even though the night flight is pretty shack (only 4.5 hours, and with the time difference when you get back it’s 7am SG time), the boys did well and after a little nap in the morning they both ploughed through the day and slept early at night (yipee). Of course, I needed a little caffine to help me get through the day. And the following days after our return, when Abacus would run to the door to greet his daddy was evidence that the holiday was fantastic family quality time.

This was the first time we stayed in the a resort that was really more child focussed than any others we’ve stayed in before. The Anantara Dhigu prepared special kids towels, lots of J&J toiletries, even a Kodomo toothbrush and toothpaste, and a backpack that included a Cars water bottle, a whole set of Faber Castell crayons, a sticker book and some aeroplane model builder. We seemed to be the only Chinese couple there with kids, but there were quite a number of other families with kids as well (a few Japanese), and when I came back I saw that this resort was being advertised as a couple’s paradise, which I think certainly could not be further from the truth because I don’t think I’d really want all these kids running all over the place on my honeymoon or romantic holiday. Anyhow, it’s great that kids are so welcome, with service staff always chatting to the kids, you can feel less embarassed when they’re up to antics or throw their food on the floor.

Overall the resort was lovely, very clean, and service was pretty good, except for the one day the housekeeping guy came quite late to say that he couldn’t do a turn down service because all the rooms he was cleaning up all had kids. Not really my problem, pal. It’s a pity I was so disappointed with the marine life around the resort, and I think I might not go back or recommend the resort based on this alone. I mean, you go to Maldives you want to see lots and lots of fish, corals, turtles, sharks, etc. right? Other resorts are just teeming with marine life, but not this resort, although we did see one pretty large ray, the rest of the fish were boring old silver looking ones, and really not many at all. At some resorts the jetties alone are just bursting with marine life.

Anyhow, better luck next time. See you real soon, Malé 🙂

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