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Let’s take a walk

A little hard to see, but that's one of the fellas having a go at the Off!

It’s been pretty scummy weather for the March school holidays – always raining, either the whole day, or in the afternoons. One day we’d planned to go to the beach but that was totally rained out (at least we had a lovely dinner as a family at a proper restaurant without any major calamities), so on one of the days when I thought the rain had let up, I packed everyone into the car with the intentions of either going to the Canopy Walk at Pepys Road, or to Ikea, depending on the weather.

Thankfully the rain had stopped, so we headed to the short 5 minute Canopy Walk, where we hardly saw any forms of animal life (save for some new army recruits who were doing some kind of orientation at the Canopy Walk and just below it), and then a dramatic thing happened – a group of macaques headed towards us on the walk (which is maybe about 1 metre in width), and as I was pushing Mittens on the pram (yes, he’s 4, but he’s really lazy sometimes), I instructed my helper who was carrying Abacus, to walk behind me.

The macaques came towards us and went behind the pram to steal a plastic bag of what they were hoping to be food, but what really was an almost empty can of Off!, a tube of Autan, and a packet of Pigeon anti-mosquito wipes. They refused to be chased off by my stomping and shouting, which usually works on dogs, and we left them smelling the items, playing with the plastic bags, and one was busy smelling and biting the can of Off!. Well, at least the mosquitoes won’t be bothering them for a few days, but if anything happens to them, I am SO not going to be responsible for it, NParks!

Thank goodness the boys were not snacking on anything, and I’ll be sure not to have snack time again in any of the parks unless it’s big and open like Hort Park or the Botanic Gardens! Be sure to be on your guard next time you’re out enjoying the parks!


2 thoughts on “Let’s take a walk

  1. So exciting la….hahahaha…when i was at batu caves (eons ago…when i was a teenager), I had ice cream and while I was posing for a pic, monkeys snatched my ice cream. Can’t find the pic anymore though….:)


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