Where does your child go to skool?

Further to my previous post, Bringing up baby, we were briefly considering putting Abacus into half day child care or the like, since Mittens school doesn’t take in kids until they’re 30 months, which means that Abacus won’t be able to go to his school until January next year. So we were considering My First Skool because they just opened up a new skool (seriously, not my choice of a name) around the corner, and there really aren’t any other viable kindies near by, although there are quite a handful of child care centres including MMI, Cherie Hearts, Mulberry and My First Skool.

Of course, My First Skool is the most reasonably priced, so we figured we wouldn’t feel the pinch if he went for just a few months, and were advised to sign up online to be put on the waiting list. So earlier this week, out of curiosity I decided to give them a call to find out how far along we were on the waiting list, and was told (by some very friendly customer service ladies), that for his age group, there are currently 70+ kids on the waiting list. Holey schmoley, that’s like the number of ALL of kids in some CCs even! And they said that since I registered in January, we were probably somewhere around the 50s. Right. Plan B, please!

And while we’re at that, I wrote that the Sunday Times (11 March 2012) announced that 200 new childcare centres are planned over the next five years. Over the next five frigging years? We needed like another 5 here in my estate like yesterday! It also hadn’t occurred to me about registering Abacus into Mittens’ kindergarten until a new and friendly mummy whose son is near Abacus’s age was asking me about the registration for our boys (I met her for the 2nd time just after dropping Mittens off). She seemed a little worried that there might not be enough places, and I’d never thought about it, but if there are 70 kids on the waiting list for My First Skool, then yeah there might be tough “competition” for Mittens’ kindy too! No wonder some parents are reluctant to have more children.

And since we’ve now finished up our family package at Gymboree, it looks like I’ll be scouting around for some other activities for Abacus. Maybe The Little Gym or JWT kids, Abrakadoodle?


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