How old are you?

I have never felt my age, and I don’t think I feel my age at all, but after having kids, my body totally disagrees and loves to remind me of its true age. Or maybe my body’s age is even older because of the kids.

At any rate, I’m one who never whines and moans about getting older, and I’m never offended when someone asks my age. Of course, it helps if you don’t look too cao lao.

Anyhow, I came across an introduction to this series by JeannieJeannie, a design blog, of photographs entitled “Reflections” and it really made me smile.

Jeannie’s description of the collection is just wonderful:

Each photo features an elderly man or woman, staring intently at the mirror: what they see, however, isn’t their current self, but rather a beaming image of themselves at their prime. They are getting degrees, preparing for work, completing tasks, and all of their reflections depict capable and proud people with straight backs and knowing smiles. The secondary figures in the photos are often caretakers or family members, and they clearly cannot see the inner age of the elderly.

I remember once when visiting The Little Sisters of the Poor‘s Home for the Aged, who take in old and abandoned elderly, that a resident was telling a primary school boy (who was doing some volunteer work) that he used to be a fighter pilot in WW2. Imagine the stories he could be telling to many other generations (in his really good English, too). On that note, I’m all for more elder care facilities in estates because one day too, each and every one of us will be old(er), and we’ll definitely need a “life” outside of the home. I’m wondering if the detractors are mixing up elder care with a hospice??

Enjoy the rest of the photos!


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