Happy Easter!

This Easter weekend has been quite a non-event for us. The last few years I’ve been trying to read what I can about Jesus and the crucifixion to Mittens, but it’s not an easy concept to explain to a toddler. Last year, when I said that there were bad people who wanted him to die, he said that he would fight the baddies off with his light saber. Awwww, if only everything were so easily solved 🙂

This year I did a little more research and was trying to find some printables on Easter, but all I could come up with was bunnies, eggs, and more bunnies. Since the kids already get more than enough chocolates, I knew that this really wasn’t what I wanted him to think Easter was about. And since I was on this path, I found out for the first time that the whole bunny thing is actually a pagan ritual which Hallmark and the retailers have now cashed in on.


So apart from reading Peter Rabbit’s Happy Easter (a really cute story about the fictitious origins of the whole bunny thing) and Don Freeman‘s Happy Easter Corduroy!, and a little bit from our books about the last few days of Jesus, I left it at that. I’m always thinking that I really should be getting them to mass, but the thought of it is just so daunting! Mittens might be able to sit through a mass session, but Abacus sits only for TV, and even then he gets bored much quicker than Mittens. So the thought of bringing them to church (by myself, I should add), to spend all the time running around after Abacus while my energy has been at an all time low, just seems a little pointless.

Ah well, at least I’m thinking about bringing them to mass, eh? 🙂

One thought on “Happy Easter!

  1. try the children’s room at St Teresa’s. Close enough to you and there’s always loads of parents fighting with children. 😛 ha.

    evenings are not too insane. Sunday, 6pm mass.


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