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What are little boys made of?

“Slugs and snails
And puppy-dog tails
That’s what little boys made of”

This morning I woke up to a wonderfully spot on a post on FB from “Warrior Prayers – Praying the Word for Boys“,

I can’t count the number of girl moms who have given me the “squinty eyes” and asked, “Do they act that way all the time?” I often want to glare right back and say, “Only when they’re not sleeping.” 😉

As I have mentioned before, I only started realising the differences between boys and girls late into the game, when Mittens was going onto his second year. Both boys are the fourth and fifth grandsons, no girls, so boys was all I knew. The utter chaos when all the boys were together was just how life is.

In one of my previous posts, that was only the start of things. Like the people who responded to the above FB post, I’ve felt the sympathy, the glares, the disbelief. No I don’t regret having boys or envy parents with girls. Ok, ok, occasionally when they’re just a wee bit TOO bouncy, I do, especially when they won’t sit still, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. And so what if I think I need a little break without the boys – I need a lot more energy to keep up with them, you know?

I’m slowly learning to smile politely and shrug off the comments, and look to a select few for inspiration. Like those with more boys. Or friends who do think that boys should be active and don’t mind them bouncing around in their houses or playing shooting with them. Or those who give me a little perspective – like when I asked if it was only boys who had the problem of listening, one friend asked if I knew any man who did know how to listen. No wonder God made woman after he made man 😀 Apparently even with teachers there are some who understand and love boys more than others, and these are the people under which boys will thrive.

Maybe it’s just easier to like girls, and takes more effort to love and work with boys. Whatever it is, I’m definitely making a more conscious decision to surround the boys and myself with more positive influences and people who inspire and support us so that they can just be boys. And while there are days when my energy levels are low (and there seem to be so much of that recently), and my patience wearing thin, I will now remind myself of what one mummy said, “This may be why God gives boys to some moms…those willing and able to understand them.”!

If, like me, you’re a MOB (Moms of Boys) and need a little inspiration, hop on over to The Mob Society!


7 thoughts on “What are little boys made of?

  1. Ah~ I think I’m quite lucky. I have a boy and a girl. When I only had my boy and I look at my nieces I did wonder at times why is my boy so energetic. And he is always knocking himself all over. My MIL calls him the duracell rabbit. And yes I yearn for a girl who can sit quietly and enjoy a book with me and let me dress her up.

    But on the contrary, when my girl arrive, I appreciated my boy more. He is not so fussy about things and is a “heavier” sleeper. He practically can sleep anywhere even in Chinese restaurant “VIP” rooms with people singing KTV.

    And being a busy mom, I start to realise that I have no time to “doll” up my girl. In fact, I find it tiring that people are expecting me to “doll” her up. With boys, just give them a tee shirt and shorts or a romper if they are younger, and they are good to go. (And my girl is only 6 months, and she doesn’t have hair long enough to ‘style’ yet).

    Having say that I still love them both. 🙂


    1. Lol. Maybe your girl will become a heavier sleeper when she’s older? Both my boys were light sleepers and short nappers around 2-8 months. After that slowly much better.

      And I so agree with boys being more convenient in that sense. I always like to say they can pee anywhere (once #1 went to pee himself nearby while I was queuing up at Mr Bean.. The lady behind me had such a good laugh and said it made her day! Lol), and I heard some girls are picky about what they wear..

      Wonder how different my girl will be 🙂


      1. And I just remember another benefit of boy, is when they “cut” themselves, you don’t have to worry too much about leaving a “scar”. I mean yes its not pretty but you get more anxious when its a girl. But generally their skin recover so fast there aren’t any scars to speak.

        And I dunno if it is just my boy, but I find him more “independent”. He never had much separation anxiety or “recognizing” strangers. My girl will cry nowadays when she see someone she doesn’t know “carrying” her. I didn’t have this problem with my son. And at the beginning of this year, when my son went to Childcare, he was one of the first to adapt to it. The rest of his class, which is 3 other girls, took a longer time. But again I don’t know if this is gender related or just my boy’s character.


      2. Yes! I definitely worry less about scars!

        My #1 is quite sticky and takes a while to get used to any new school/class environment, even though I don’t think he is shy. Whereas my #2 is fearless. Maybe must survey more mummies of boys to see if they have any similar characteristics. Apart from bouncing off the walls, that is!! LOL


  2. Thanks for sharing 😉 Coming from a family of 3 girls and being a mum to a screaming 20 month old boy, I do get such comments even from my family! Caring for boys can be very tiring but they can be sweet in their own little way.


    1. My mother is always in awe of how much energy the boys have, but in a grandmotherly way, of course 😉 Apart from family, I’m often surprised that support comes from places you’d never expect, as does negativity too. But it’s so nice to be able to share these experiences with other people who totally get it 🙂


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