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Are you a friend?

Last year, we signed up to be a Friend of the SSO because I wanted to go to the Babies Prom and previously tickets were always sold out. Since I would rather watch TV at home than go to a pop concert, but would happily skip to a classical concert, I figured $75 for an individual SSO membership wasn’t such a bad deal. The investment is tax exempted (not that it’s a lot, but better than nothing, right?) and also comes with discounts at several establishments, ranging from food to music to lifestyle, and even includes Kinokuniya, the TCC coffee chain, and Laine’s Papeterie. Not that I patronise these outlets very much. But the clincher is that it also comes with a pair of concert tickets! Even the hubby, who would probably rather watch TV than go to a classical concert, is impressed.

In the end, I think Mittens didn’t enjoy the Babies Prom as much as I’d have liked him to. I think he enjoyed the SCO‘s Fiesta of Animals more – and I liked that it was a lovely balance of entertainment for the kids and introducing music theory, even though by the end of the 1 hour many of the kids were starting to get fidgety. We haven’t been back to any other SCO events because most of them are in Chinese, and I’d probably have a hard time explaining it to Mittens 😀

Both the SSO and SCO have children’s events from time to time, do join their mailing lists to find out more!

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