Giveaway – What To Expect GV movie passes and premiums

I’ve had such a busy day today. We were on our way to the Jurong Bird Park when the car hit a small but sizeable rock, left by a dump truck in the middle of Pioneer Road (because it was all squarish and looked like the construction kind of rocks), then there was smoke, and by the time we reached the bus stop 50m away the car couldn’t even move. At this time we were about 1-1.5km away from the Bird Park, so while the hubby waited for a tow truck, we hopped into a cab to the Bird Park, and the kind old man told us to take our time getting our things out of the boot, but no sooner had my helper taken out the pram and set it up did he drive away, with the boot open and all. I think another taxi in the taxi queue tried to horn him, but he didn’t stop! Luckily he came back 1-2 minutes later. There was nothing valuable in the boot, but still! All our stuff! We were then just in time for the penguin feeding, and Birds of Prey show, after which the hubby arrived just in time. But then we realised that Birds of Play was closed early for maintenance! It was certainly a day of adventure. So, what to expect when you’re expecting? As today had proven, expect the unexpected, I would say!

Anyhow, I have a great giveaway of What to Expect premiums and GV movie passes, courtesy of the kind people at Palmer’s, you know, the famous cocoa butter peeps?

All you have to do is to leave a comment about why you want to win a pair of the tickets, by 31st May (because the movie is already showing and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out!) and if there are more entries than tickets, the winners will be drawn at random by random.org. If there are less entries than tickets then no need to draw already right ornot?

And look out for my review coming up on the latest from Palmer’s – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks, in a new advanced formula! I’ve been super duper lucky that I haven’t gained any stretch marks from the previous 2 pregnancies, so I’m hoping this time round things won’t change. Cross fingers…


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