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Back on the mat

A bit blurry, but yes, that’s me!

I think I have not stepped into a yoga studio for more than 2 years, before Abacus was born. So in restrospect now, I wonder how I thought I would be able to get through an entire weekend of an yoga teacher training. While 6 months preggers. But last weekend was an amazing weekend of me-time, learning something new, meeting some new, wonderful and totally inspiring people, and I have to say I think I did quite well considering. Apparently pregnancy hormones loosens joints in preparation for childbirth, so maybe that helped a lot! Heck, I think I did quite well given that I can’t even walk properly most of the time now!

So at the end of last weekend, not only did I get certified as a kids yoga teacher with Rainbow Kids Yoga at Om Shiva Yoga, but more importantly I got to go back to doing something that I love to do but haven’t had any time to do. For me, there’s a familiar comfort and peace in the rubbery sweaty smell of the mats which no other sport can do for me.

Rainbow Kids Yoga

I’ve been practising yoga for almost maybe 15 years years now on and off, and always thought that it would be fun to be a yoga instructor, but at the same time I know I’m probably not cut out for it, and it wasn’t until I had the boys that I found the inspiration for kids yoga. Maybe one day I will teach, although I know I’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg and have so much more to learn, or maybe it’ll just be to entertain my own very busy and active kids. Whatever it is, the three short days has been such an incredible journey for me I feel renewed in so many ways. And not to mention that is was SUPER FUN! It felt like a weekend camp more than anything else an intensive course.

Hopefully I’ll be able share here more on what I’ve learnt in days to come. For now, savasana calls. Namaste!

Lots of props!
Partner yoga is part of family yoga!
It was lots of FUN!

4 thoughts on “Back on the mat

  1. Had no idea you’ve been doing yoga for 15 years, that’s loooong. But you have the right shape and flexible-look. Congrats! Maybe you can do a fun session for the Choy, Yap and Chen boys some day 🙂


    1. Well yoga is for everyone, from young to old, no need a particular shape or size, hee. Right now I can hardly walk properly though, but hopefully can put what i learnt to good use 🙂


  2. Wow you do yoga! I’m actually quite keen to do pre-natal yoga, but always hesitate cos its like so expensive. Perhaps I’ll really really get down to doing it after giving birth!? LOL


    1. Then that would be post-natal yoga already haha! if you can, there are some places which allow you to bring your baby (maybe when the baby is like more than 3 months lah), like Inspire Mum & Baby. For pre-natal, I think classes can range from $25 per class onwards? I used to do it but these days no time already.


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