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Here come the Angry Birds!

In the cable car cabin

Since it’s the school holidays, I’m trying to get the boys out as often as possible. If I can help it, we go out twice a day, although I’m fast running out of ideas and sometimes these outings includes the supermarket :p Still, better than nothing right? Anyhow, I don’t usually do a what-we-did-today post because we don’t really get up to very exciting things. Some weekends we’re just busy going out for meals, swimming, soccer, etc. We don’t often venture very far out or to the latest “in” place, but I think we still have fun and we’re still pretty happy with our “simple” lives. 😀

But one afternoon, I brought the boys (by myself!) on a cable car ride to Sentosa, since we have the Jewel Card (unlimited cable car rides for 4 pax for $90, including kids above 3 and grandparents or helpers!), so we fed the fish in the pond there, took a ride across, had some ice cream on a warm day, did a little arts and crafts, and then watched the 530pm Storytelling session at the Images of Singapore forecourt, which Mittens enjoyed, but it was far too slow and too much reading from kids for Abacus to enjoy (he got so restless I had to occupy him with my phone!).

The real highlight of the trip though, was the Angry Birds plastered all over the cable cars. In most cabins there is even a huge Angry Bird plush toy, and when you buy a cable car ticket (or ask nicely, as I did), you can also get Angry Bird masks. They also have Angry Birds Space on iPads you can play with, and various other Angry Birds activities. Of course, what the boys enjoyed the most was building up the scaffolding that will apparently hold some plush pigs which you can shoot with Angry Birds. I think we were there too late in the evening for it, but the boys had a whale of a time anyway.

The Angry Birds Adventureis on until December so you don’t have to rush for this school holidays! I’m sure they’ll enjoy it when we go again another day.

The storytelling session on Sentosa.
Part of the Angry Birds activities on Mt Faber

One thought on “Here come the Angry Birds!

  1. Dear mummy Ed,

    So glad to find your blog and find out that you little baby A is going amazing after his TAPVD surgery. My little one is about to have the open heart surgery next Monday when she is only 14 days old. I am so desperate to find some positive stories like yous to keep myself positive.

    Would you please share your experience of looking after TAPVD kids with me as I can’t image the life without my little girl. Thanks


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