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Counting our blessings

The 4 chambers. Kinda looks like Darth Vader if you ask me. The force is certainly strong in this one!

Yesterday we had our yearly review with the paediatric cardiologist, and as expected, Abacus’s heart is doing well and good – the cardiologist listened to his heart (and I’m always amazed at what they can tell just by listening), and liked what he heard, and the echocardiogram confirmed that all is well. Abacus was a little edgy when we tried to take his height and check his oxygen levels, I think the poor boy fears he’s going to be stitched, glued, x-rayed or something else again. Thankfully, he sat through the echo while he was engrossed with Cars 2 on my iPhone.

For me, I don’t mind these trips to the hospital because we have so far been so so fortunate to only ever receive good news, and the energy and spirit of the people who work there simply amaze me. I mean, both boys were running circles around the paed, and later Mittens (goodness, what did I feed him for lunch?!) was even spinning the paed in his chair. Geez. Maybe if we didn’t have some mutual friends he (the paed) might very well think that my boys are outta control! -.-

A trip to the hospital is always very sobering and humbling. Some parents want their children to be the first to speak, to walk, to reach each milestone. Some parents want their kids to be the best in school, or in the gifted programmes, or not to lose out to other children who are taking X number of enrichment classes at certain establishments, or playing a musical instrument by the time they’re 2, or just fulfill the dreams they themselves were never able to. Other parents, like the ones we see at the hospital, have much different worries. Some just want their kids to be happy. And some parents just want their kids. Alive. And healthy. Or, at least, alive. It certainly puts things into perspective.

We’ll be back again next year for another review just to monitor how he’s doing, until then, we’re counting all our blessings, with both him and everything else that we’ve been so blessed with in our lives.


P.S. After having Abacus, (or was it from when I had Mittens?) I now only ever make donations to local children’s charities. It’s not that I’m, say, not an animal lover, or think that the children in some third world country doesn’t need my help, but there are so many children here who are in need too.

If you or your organisation are looking for a charity to make a donation to, please consider the National University Hospital Patientcare Charity Fund. They have 60 programmes covering various medical needs, but of course the Kids’ Heart Fund is the closest to our hearts – it would be heart breaking (no pun intended) if any child loses the chance to live a full, active, meaningful and normal life simply because his family cannot afford treatment.


One thought on “Counting our blessings

  1. Dear Ed,

    This is Jie. Last three weeks were crazy, Sandra had the operation, the surgeon said it was very successful. She is recovering well too, and she left hospital 9 days after surgery. However, I am constantly worried about her future, the possibility to have other problems, like scarring tissues, narrowing veins ect. While reading your story, I am quite relieved. So happy for your baby A and I hope my Sandra is the same lucky baby.

    Thank you for your email again, it really means a lot in those dark days.

    Love from Jie and Sandra.


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