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A Parisian Rainbow Kindergarten

We’ve had a busy week adjusting to going back to school and I spent a week on course, which was a good “break” from my usual humdrum, (although looking after 2 boys is anything but humdrum!) and it felt satisfying to be challenged and learning new things and not constantly trying to figure out how to entertain or prevent the boys from killing each other. We’re also planning a short getaway next month, I have another week long course, and I also need to figure out the domestic help and confinement nanny/person issues, so I hope everything goes smooth-sailing until the end of August!

Anyhow, I’ll leave you with a link to Jeannie Jeannie  about a lovely Parisian kindergarten, all decked out in rainbow colours. Check out the toilets!


2 thoughts on “A Parisian Rainbow Kindergarten

    1. Ya, I’m sure it’s much nicer for the kids to have a lovely environment – my cousins who were in Shanghai for a bit were saying the kindys there look like prisons, barbed fences and all :O (but i guess it’s partly due to the precious one child syndrome).

      I’m so looking forward to not having to look after the boys for a while, hahahahah…


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