Cardiac Surgical Review

Last week we had the annual review with the cardiac surgeons, and thankfully it was not an exciting visit. They’d already reviewed the echo results from the month before, and were happy to just have a quick listen to the heart and a look over at the scar.

The surgeon also mentioned that it didn’t look like it had any keloids at all, which is great news because keloids will usually present themselves 6-12 months after surgery or trauma to the skin, and the hubby (and his brother) have pretty bad keloids, so we were worried Abacus might have inherited that tendency. So I guess it’s a good thing Abacus has inherited Mummy’s sensitive skin instead, although I’m not sure which is worse! I’ve had to live with lots of rashes my whole life, and it can be quite a pain in the..skin 🙂

I haven’t been using Dermatix on the scar although since I already have it I guess I should make use of it. But the scar is but just a minor worry, a testimony of his brave journey, and I’m sure chicks will probably dig it when he’s older 😉 I am constantly amazed at what medicine and technology can really do. And the more he grows, the more amazed I am at what a lucky boy he is!

On a separate note, I am so looking forward to getting on a short holiday without the boys. Sure I’ll miss them, but it’s always nice to be able to not have to keep looking after or looking out for someone else all the time! 😀


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